So You Think You Can't Network; A guide to using your connections as resources

If you think you can't network, this is the book for you.

Each one of us is connected. This is what lies at the heart of networking. According to Lin McDevitt-Pugh, networking generates a particularly potent social power: the power to work with others on common goals.

"We really cannot get much done on our own. We need other people",  is author Lin McDevitt-Pugh's main message to her workshop participants and the readers of this book."

"I love your book, Lin:very accessible and super useful." Tamara Takacs

"A powerful insight into what networking is really about - connectivity, honesty, passion and courage to have things done because our ideas matter and are bigger than ourselves" –Kinga Jelinska, international reproductive rights activist

"If you think you can't network, this book will surprise you. Every single person is connected to someone and reaches out to them in some way - that is networking! Lin shows in her book how simple it is to network. The book is full of stories to illustrate her points, is well-grounded in theory and gives you many guidelines for putting what you read into practice." –Frankwatching, platform for trends and developments within marketing and communications

" Most books I’ve encountered about networking address individual networking, focused mainly on job seekers and entrepreneurs, and emphasize the collection of new contacts.  Lin McDevitt-Pugh, in her short but brilliant book “So You Think You Can’t Network” shifts the focus away from “collection” into the realm of “connection” – building a spread of two-way relationships based in conversation and mutual interest, and then facilitating their integration as a dynamic and multi-dimensional network." –Mike Klein, Internal Communication/Change Communication Consultant

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