"In my role as VP Professional Women's Network (PWN) Amsterdam, I've had contact with Lin since 2016. She has presented for us at two events and in conversation with me has shared many thoughts about networking. One of which recently culminated in an 'ah ha' moment! We were discussing her book "So you think you can't network', which I had given as a gift to a friend who struggles with networking. An example from Lin's book showed me the possibility that all my friend needs to do is to take her generous and knowledgeable heart to a networking event and know that she only needs to focus on how she can help the people she meets - without expecting anything in return. In the meantime, her help will be the connection to the other and to another etc. – a kind of chain reaction. Thank you for sharing this unique approach to the value of networking." Mary Jane Roy, Resilience and Happiness@Work specialist

"Lin was speaker at our Minerva 21 Netherlands event. Her speech/workshop was titled 'from collecting to connecting: accessing your network's resources'. She inspired the participants with the stories she told and examples she used. Her exercises were spot on, insightful and created an impact." Ingrid Veling co-founder Minerva 21 Netherlands, founder of Ignite coaching & consultancy

"The European Institute for Gender Equality would be honoured to have you as a speaker as your reputation, experience and knowledge in the field of gender equality greatly appeal to us and would be appreciated by the participants."
Virginija Langbakk, Director of European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

"Lin is one of the most inspiring professionals I've ever met. 'So you think you can't not network', is essential reading for all of us who are convinced that collaborating with others allows us to get the best of ourselves and to reach much further. And to be happier. I am grateful to Lin for giving us such a valuable teaching." Lydia Aguirre, Editor in Chief of REISearch en European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy / Atomium Culture
"Good that you developed so much affinity with our campaign, so clearly understand what its about and what we stand for and express that so well." Project manager, Hivos

"Ms McDevitt-Pugh’s time with ILGA has been ... pivotal ... in helping our organization face a very difficult moment."
Renato Sabbadini, Co-Secretary General ILGA

"...Many people were deeply impressed with your lecture. It was no doubt a wonderful fortune for us to be able to invite you."
International Forum on Women's Information, Japan

“I very much appreciated your facilitation skills. The core questions you proposed enriched the quality of the debate.” Deelnemer aan strategie sessie, Wo=men, Nederland
"I was networking with only my customers and suppliers but I have learnt that the more you network the more business collapses in the absence of networking."
Ms Severina Keppa, honey producer, Tanzania

"An eye opener. The employee network benefits from the workshop."
GALA network, ING, The Netherlands

"Thanks for an excellent report." Alan Finlay, GISWATCH

"A useful opportunity to begin the process of consolidating our approach to networking."
Professional fundraiser, Australia

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