Motivation in Charge, not Emotions

What are you up to these days?

Great question, but how about this one: What word pops up for you, when you think about why you do what you do?

I recently asked my friends and connections this question, through an email, and got loads of answers. “I do what I do out of my sense for justice and my passion for sustainable agriculture”, replied an agricultural scientist in the Netherlands. My colleague in Germany said: “For me it is: gender equality around the world.” “I am deeply thinking that women in particular have the savoir and the power to be free and don’t need help or support from anybody,” replied my friend and mentor in France. Another friend, colleague and mentor, who lives in Bolivia, replied: “The global line for my life is: TO BUILD THE PARADISE HERE ON EARTH, and contribute to it with all of my efforts, thoughts and actions.” “Why I do what I do?” replied a former Cabinet Minister, “Because I am an busybody. I see things that can go better and I feel that It will help if I do something to it.”

I was blown away by how many great people I am in touch with, who are up to great things in the world.

To answer my own question, the word that pops up for me it is the word “freedom”. Freedom is what drives me. It drives me as a self-employed person – the freedom to choose clients, the freedom to spend my time on things I find important, the freedom to work anywhere.
But what motivates me even more is other people’s freedom. I’m only fulfilled when what I do contributes to the freedom of others. Freedom is my core value.
Getting to the core values is central to how I work with my clients. I’m joined in this with my amazing colleagues in Tribal Leadership,  Tanya Dotson in Denmark and Mark Lister in Scotland. We find that people who focus on their core values can focus on their goals, leaving their egos behind.
In that email, I shared some of the ways working from the love of freedom shows up in NETSHEILA, where we work with companies and organizations to produce extraordinary results. There were two main threads: I want every child to have the best education they can possibly get, and I want every woman to live in dignity and respect.
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