Party Time! Go Practice Your Networking Skills

The end of year is a great time to practice your connecting skills.

A lot of us have festive activities around the end of the year. We catch up with friends and family, we reflect on the year that is ending, and we talk about our plans for the year ahead.

Who better to practice the simple networking conversations with, than these people.

The networking conversation questions

The simple networking conversation questions to throw into your end of year conversations are:

  • What are you up to?
  • I’d love to let you know what I’m up to!
  • Do you know anyone I could connect with for my project?
  • Would you like me to connect you with some useful folk for your project?

Why practice on people you know? Well, for one, they are the most likely people to want to provide you with new contacts. They trust you. They are willing to think with you about people they know who can be useful in your project or plans.

Family and friends are also likely to be forgiving of any weird behavior as you ask your questions. Like if you ask: “What are you up to?” and it comes out like “What on earth are you doing?”. They have all the time in the world to let you start again.

And lets face it, people who you like, and who like you, but who you only see from time to time would prefer meaningful conversations to the classic “Hi, How are you? Good? Yeah, me too.” With your ready made the conversation pieces, everyone is happy. What better to talk about at drinks, or at a picnic, than who they know that they can connect you with, for a project that is important to you?

And you can have a laugh while you do it.

Practice your connecting skills these coming weeks and you are completely set to have your 2018 intentions get off to a great start.


Lin McDevitt-Pugh, Netsheila.  Netsheila works with clients to build their capacity to connect, create and transform.

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