Three Inspirations for Joining our Masterclass

“We all need to be better networkers,” says Michael Nord of the International Association of Business Communicators.

“Networking is a business skill that even introverts can master,” says Cheryl Cooper of Applied Wisdom.

“Networking is a business skill that companies underestimate because it can’t be quantified and can’t be managed,” says Lin McDevitt-Pugh, author of  the book So You think You Can’t Network.

I have heard so many people say “I can’t network”. The truth is, we all are connected to other people. We are just not proficient in involving others in the projects or work or dreams we have.

That networking is not

Networking is not schmoozing.

It is not chatting with friends during that inevitable drink at a conference.

Networking is not handing out business cards to strangers.

So what is networking?

On June 28th, Cheryl Cooper and I are giving a masterclass on networking in Brussels.

When we talk about networking, we are talking about reaching out to people you know in such a way that they can contribute to you and you can contribute to them.

We are talking about involving the people you know in your projects and professional ambitions.

We are also talking about mastering something you can already do. Because connections with friends and family is part of being human. And we try to go it alone too often. People are there for us. Let’s honor that and involve them. In our masterclass you will discover how to do this with grace and ease – even if you are an introvert!

So come and join us!


Lin McDevitt-Pugh

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