Use Your Capital!

How often do you think: if only I had enough money, I could ….  But you don’t have the money, and you decide to apply for a grant, or you buy a lottery ticket, and you hope for a miracle.

The people around you, believe it or not, are the miracle you are waiting for. The people who know your dreams and ambitions are your capital. Friends, acquaintances and colleagues are resources and their capacity to fulfill your dreams is far greater than money in the bank.

When you let a colleague know of your dream to buy a special teaching tool for your students, they start thinking with you. They are touched, moved and inspired and share your story with their friends and acquaintances. Tell 10 colleagues your dream and 10 colleagues and their friends and acquaintances are thinking with you. Pretty soon 200 people know your dream. In that network of 200 people, chances are your dream will be realized in more ways than you could imagine.

Take a chance with your social capital. It is way more valuable than a lottery ticket.

Lin McDevitt-Pugh

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