Your Network is Brim Full of Resources

If you think you can’t network, this is the right book for you. Each one of us is connected. This is what lies at the heart of networking. For sure, local and industry meetups can be fun, but networking really happens when you engage with and leverage your existing contacts.

I’m having fun writing the blurb for my new book, So You Think You Can’t Network. I wanted to write what I just wrote, but I have a very wise advisor who said: that sounds like you wrote it! The blurb is about what someone else thinks about the book. That gives you, the reader, access to thinking it is very likely something you want to read as well.

My very wise advisor is a professional writer, Don Seidenburg @clarityguy and someone my wife works closely with. I happily accepted his offer to write my blurb.

And really, in a nutshell, that is what the book is about. Leveraging your connections. Having fun with people in your life, and making something happen at the same time.

In just a few weeks, the book will be on bookshelves all over the world. If you want one on your bookshelf, put in an order at your local bookshop.

Some people have already ready it. “A powerful insight into what networking is really about – connectivity, honesty, passion and courage to have things done because our ideas matter and are bigger than ourselves,” international reproductive rights activist Kinga Jelinska wrote.

My brother, CEO of a large charity in the Northern Territory in Australia, and someone who just loves connecting with people, thinks it will be an amazing resource alongside the training in networking and connecting I provide to non-profits, schools and entrepreneurs.

Prof. Dr Patrice Braun, researcher in regional network development, found it a “must read for anyone interested in understanding the art of networking in the 21st century.”

I’m excited about getting the book to the public.

And that is you.


Title: So You Think You Can’t Network

Author: Lin McDevitt-Pugh

ISBN: 9789463010412.

Title: So You Think You Can’t Network
Author: Lin McDevitt-Pugh
ISBN: 9789463010412

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